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Owner / Boss man

Fabien Durocher-Yvon

Self-motivated and focused on achieving positive results, my passion lies with my team in any part of the food and beverage sphere. Vehement about food, travel and training. I get absolute satisfaction in the creative journey of bringing raw materials to the end product, photographed and in front of the guest. When not in the dining room, I am searching for new ways to be creative, whilst enjoying time on the golf course and alongside my family.

General Manager

Sean Kotze

When I started at Fiamma Grill 10 years ago, it was a very different picture. We weren’t the “buzz” that we are today. As the GM I have a large number of tasks, costings, accounting, HR, but more importantly, my main role is to make sure that each cog in the machine is operating at optimal level. When I’m not at the restaurant I love to spend as much time as possible with my beautiful daughter, as well as trying to occasionally hit a golf ball, not very well mind you… Lol. Hope you are all staying safe and we look forward to welcoming you all “home” soon


Damian Edwin Marrier Dunienville


Lisa Davies

Lisa-Marie Davies started at Fiamma Grill on the 1st of October 2017. Head of the kitchen, she found her love for cooking at a very young age. Through watching cooking shows and making homemade Gorgonzola stuffed burgers with her dad. And when shes not in the kitchen you can find her walking her dogs on the beach and spending time with her family.



With a passion for great food and good people, I never knew my journey would bring me to Fiamma Grill, a place with a supportive team that I can call Family.
When I’m not on the floor helping, I’m either catching up with friends, making new friends or just spending quality time with my Family.