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Mini meatballs & baked cherry tomato sauce Protein 250g Minced Meat 50g stale breadcrumbs 1 x sprigs of mint 1 x red onion • Peel & thinly slice the onion, frying on a medium heat with a tbl spoon of olive oil for 10mins until

Filleto di Manzo

Filleto di Manzo - Salsa ai Funghi (per serving) Fillet medallions with a creamy cognac mushroom sauce Protein 2 x 140g Fillet Medallions (inch thick) 100g Farm-style Salted Butter Salt & Pepper to taste 1 x clove of garlic • Finely chop garlic, add to

Pollo Alla Limone

Pollo Alla Limone Oven-baked baby chicken Protein: 1 x Free-range baby chicken (600g) 200ml Olive Oil 200ml Lemon juice 2 sprigs rosemary (stalks removed) Salt and pepper to taste Chicken stock (Homemade is best) Tbl Spoon Aromat (MSG free) • Mix all the ingredients together with