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Filleto di Manzo

Filleto di Manzo - Salsa ai Funghi (per serving)
Fillet medallions with a creamy cognac mushroom sauce

2 x 140g Fillet Medallions (inch thick)
100g Farm-style Salted Butter
Salt & Pepper to taste
1 x clove of garlic

• Finely chop garlic, add to the butter
• Salt and pepper the medallions when ready for the grill

Salsa di Funghi
250g mushrooms
Salt and pepper to taste
1 x Tbl spoon Cognac or Brandy
500ml Heavy cream

• Sweat mushrooms in a frying pan until browned add salt and pepper
• Add the brandy and let ignite
• Add 60ml water and let simmer reducing slowly by a third
• Add half the cream to the saucepan reducing again by a third
• Before serving, add a dash of cream to loosen the serving and liven up the sauce

Roast garlic crispy potatoes
3 x large potatoes
1 x garlic head
1 x sprig of rosemary
200ml Olive oil

• Cut potatoes into quarters and then half the quarters
• Pour half olive oil into roasting pan with whole garlic cloves from the head of garlic, along with the rosemary stalks removed
• Potatoes are placed above the lined pan and then drizzled with the remaining olive oil
• Oven roast for 30mins on 180 degrees Celsius or crispy golden brown where a fork easily access the potato

The fillet is presented to an extremely hot grill in order to seal the steak and allow for cooking to begin internally, 4 minutes on each side should be perfect (my preferred choice on the fillet is medium-rare). Once done, plate in the centre dishing up some crispy garlic potatoes and ladling a fair amount of the cognac mushroom sauce over the fillet medallions.

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